Jack Eyes' frames are conceptualized and designed by the creatives and photographers at Jack Studios. We focus on frames that appreciate the wearer from a photographer's perspective, to capture, frame and enhance the wearer's own unposed character.

Our maverick glasses glamorize strong character through commanding shapes, colors, and materials. Definitive frames resonate with definitive traits of those wearing them, to magnify the presence and power of the individual's qualities.


Every Jack Eyes' frame is handcrafted from the best materials available, be it horn, acetate, or beta-titanium. Each is transformed by hand into the refined frames that you find at our retailers.

Jack Eyes' production utilizes all possible quality controls, combining progressive techniques that have been developed over decades with hand-guided finesse. You can't have stunning design if it's not well made.

All of our quality zyls are fully adjustable by an optician. Stainless steel or beta-titanium temple cores injected into the frame provide a strong backbone, resulting in a product that is both flexible and strong.